Earning My Green Fingers (by getting them brown with mud) – Part 1

Dear Friends,

Dig for victory? That’s not very realistic if we’re honest with ourselves. For the vast majority of people growing lots of food in the garden is near impossible. Few people have access to an allotment, and fruit trees and ready grown plants can be very expensive. But can we do anything at all with our gardens.

So far at the very least tidying and weeding have proved to be great stress busters. I’ve had a terrible couple of months, so taking it out on dandelions and random grasses has been great to help with the stress, as well as getting fresh air and a good spate of unexpected but welcome February sunshine.


The borders are tidy now, the pots are ready for potatoes, onions and garlic, and we have more space for extra planters when we have the money. Cheap buckets work just as well as expensive garden centre planters, so long as you remember to bash some holes into the bottom. Our fire bin is full of ash, and we’re going to look into starting a compost bin. Buckets can also be left out to catch rainwater, saving on bills.

I also picked up some cheap stuff while I was shopping-  a strawberry hanging basket and a bucket full of plants to attract bees and butterflies. Here’s hoping!

I’ll be updating here regularly, hope it inspires some of you to at least enjoy taking your stress out on the garden!

2 thoughts on “Earning My Green Fingers (by getting them brown with mud) – Part 1

  1. Can I recommend drilling 4 holes in the side of the bucket about 4cm from the base rather than in the bottom. It will then act as a reservoir for water to prevent them drying out so quickly.
    Thank you for your great blog.


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