Earning My Green Fingers (by getting them brown with mud) – Part 2

Dear Friends!

Tiny update, but I’m feeling pretty proud of my garden progress. Here are some recent pictures of the new additions to my growing garden and how I’m hoping they will be helpful in times to come.

First I’ll start with some welcome signs that spring is on its way: my Chinese cherry blossom (a gift from my grandparents) and dwarf apple are getting ready to explode in the coming weeks, and the new camelia I nabbed for £8 from Tesco is starting to show its late winter blooms.


I also raided the sales for cheap herbs, since they’re worth more than their weight in culinary gold. If we’re going to be relying on stockpiled food for many weeks then some free herbs will liven things up. I have parsley, mint, sorrel, marjoram and thyme. I’ve also planted some basil, chive and oregano seeds. Cheap and cheerful. Also my tiny £1 Mexican orange blossom is looking pretty sweet in one of the old wicker containers.


Speaking of sales, I also nabbed a cheap raspberry tree and strawberry hanging basket from Asda, and some planting shallots from the local garden centre since it’s getting close to spring and it’s a good time to plant out underground veg. When the next warm spell comes I’ll get my potatoes going too.


Containers are definitely the way to go when you’re very limited for space, or if you have poor quality shallow soil in your garden (like most modern build houses sadly). Look for the cheap sales at supermarkets or buy seeds for the cheapest option, though prepare to put the work in getting the seeds going.


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